Airships: A Date

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“A date, I see.” Elletra grinned, slightly more than maliciously than intended.

“If it wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience.” Hawkeye said, a slight smirk came to him as he imagined what his sisters would think of Elletra.

“It could prove a bit of a problem. I don’t think this” She pointed to her highly unconventional clothes, “is considered ballroom attire.”

As if on command, the electric tendrils of the Fold began snaking their way into Hawkeye’s room, signaling their arrival to Earthside.

“That can be solved with a quick trip to an old friend. He’ll have something a bit more fitting for you, I’m sure. As long as you don’t ask him where he got it.” Hawkeye shrugged, standing up to fasten on his armaments.

“Jerem will head to the factory. Here on out, it’ll be you and me.” He said.

“A date.” She smiled back with mischief dancing in her eyes again.

“Something tells me it won’t be a night we’ll forget.” Hawkeye chuckled quietly and headed abovedeck.

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    You’re a terrible person, Elletra.

    As far as unconventional first dates go, this has got to rank high.

  2. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)


    Oh top twenty at least. Not that I’m complaining. gleeful snickering

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