Airship: Solutions

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And that was that. He’d invited her on a date, and she’d accepted. Hawkeye couldn’t even begin to wonder what his family would say, let alone the wider social circles to which he might be a smaller concern – but he was still a Baron, and there would no doubt be looks exchanged all over the room when they made an appearance.

Some things were never simple. All you could do was focus on one problem at a time.

He thought for a moment, drew a deep breath, and let out a shrill whistling cry. In a click and rustle of metal, the Gearwing erupted into the corridor behind him. Wingtips striking sparks from the floor, it angled steeply up and alighted softly on Hawkeye’s shoulder.

A few whispered words and two gold sovereigns lighter, he watched the mechanical raptor dive for the surface before turning back towards his bunk. Dress uniform always did take such a long time to get into.

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