Ascension: The Thick of It

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Whatever the Synod was doing here, I couldn’t fight them with a weapon that sent me out of control with every burst. I got myself into that airlock as quietly as possible and pulled up visualisation on the hull sensors. Huge swathes were blanked out, but I caught glimpses of their movement. Whatever they were up to, it wasn’t good.

There were five other suits in the armoury, three primaries and two spares. I woke them all up to be on the safe side, moving them out and down towards the bridge in a tight nickel-titanium huddle.

“Reckall reporting, Captain. At least a squad-sized enemy infantry force crawling around on our hull.”

“Copy that, Lieutenant – stand down your armour units, would you?”

“Sir? The boarders -”

“Are Synod. We’re being told – quite firmly – that they’re here to take us in.”

“Copy that, Captain. Not sure this is a good idea, sir.”

“Me neither, but we nearly burned out the engines trying to get free. We need them to let us out.”

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  1. Avatar JonB

    tight nickel-titanium huddle is a great description.

    There’s a very pensive feel to this one, a real sense of unease where the Synod are concerned.

  2. Avatar Drake West

    tension tension tension -

    Then ACTION!! WHA HOO!! When is Reckall going to take matters into his own hands?

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