Conflict: Second Sight

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She turned away and went back into her chambers. Uncertain of whether I should follow, I hung behind until she looked back impatiently. Propriety be damned, I thought – there was more than enough space in the guest chambers that it wouldn’t be an issue.

“Are you coming or not?”

I shrugged, and followed her inside.

“Dear old Uncle was not exactly forthcoming on the details of what we will be doing.”

“So you signed up to his mission without even asking what it was?”

“Odessa-san, when your father and both uncles sign a scroll telling you that it is vital you accompany a family member of a high-risk trip, you don’t spend a lot of time asking questions.”

She put away the tablet and scrolls that had presumably been used to contact my father while I put down my bag, rummaging inside.

“So I have to put up with you and brief you?”

“I can only speculate.”

I found what I was looking for – a small bottle of green tea. Many others in my unit swore by sake, but my magic didn’t respond well to alcohol.

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