Maxwell's Silver Bullet (8)

Avatar Author: Miz Em I have very little in the way of a writing education. I know nothing about poetry for instance, and my attempts are probably not in accordance with what a real poet would expect. But it makes me happy to put words toget... Read Bio

I’m a personal assistant. Also a personal shopper, a house and pet sitter, bill payer, chauffeur, and troubleshooter. What it boils down to is that I’m a wife, without the perks.

At 54, I’m single again and live with my mother – AGAIN! That was Mom (Grace to her friends) pounding on my door before teetering down the hall on her not-so-sensible pumps. We are experts at driving each other crazy; you’d think we were related or something.

Toeing on well-worn, blue plaid mules, I made tracks to the bathroom. Under the fluorescent glow I resembled a raccoon. Shuddering, I climbed into the shower and basked in a stream of the hottest water I could stand for a good ten minutes. Later, I combed my fingers through shoulder-length, reddish waves in a futile effort to bring some order to the mess. Giving up on style, I opted for an impromptu bun and took a few minutes to slather on moisturizer along with a swipe of mascara. Hell, might as well balance the circles under my eyes.

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Unfortunately, now I was wide awake. Sighing, I rolled over and stared blearily up at the ceiling, noting vaguely that it was time to paint a...

Maxwell's Silver Bullet (7) by Miz Em

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