The Horizon

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Standing at the edge of the surf-
Breeze blowing in light gusts-
My dress whipping back and forth
against my legs-
The waves break softly across my ankles
as my feet sink with each wave
Staring out into the horizon, the moon begins it’s ascent.
The sun has set behind me, only a slight glow remains.
An overwhelming feeling envelops me as I stare into oblivion.
A feeling of great love and tremendous loss.
My heart remembers the giddy child-like feeling I had
Last year – standing in this very place.
I never thought I would ever feel that way again.
Now my heart is so very heavy and empty and Alone.
I know now- I will never feel that way again- my heart
just couldn’t take it, not again.
Days like these should be forbidden

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    I feel as though a poem is the perfect format for a piece based on nostalgia. It’s all about emotion, and your entry definitely has that.
    I especially love those first four lines. They paint your picture perfectly. The final line is very poignant. Short, compared to the others, it drives your point home.

    To me, nostalgia is a little more warm and fuzzy, but I know exactly what it is to feel this way. It’s like you’re homesick in a place that was once the definition of home.

    Beautiful work. Thanks for entering the challenge!

  2. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    Thank You Abby. That means A lot. I will miss you!

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