Take A Night Off

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We sat down for coffee,
But she kept looking at her watch.
“Do you have somewhere you need to be?”
“I work at 9 tonight, sorry. I just don’t want to miss it.”

“You could use some time off. You work almost every night.”
“Well… I do love spending time with you.”
“How about this? Once a month, spend the night with me. Take a night off.”
“It’d take…” a half-laugh, half-sigh “quite a bit of courage to not show up. I mean, I have responsibilities. I mean, people rely on me.”
“You need some time to yourself. I need some of your time.”
And she couldn’t say no to me.

So, that night, her light shined through my windows as we enjoyed each others’ company.

And the rest of the world had wondered where the moon was that night.

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