Last of the Three Hundred [Draft]

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Finely honed senses prompt me to turn, but there’s nothing there.

No threats. No allies. No brothers.

Where once I had hundreds soldiers just like me, then dozens, then one last team blazing at the darkness – now, silence.

No one will ever see the battlefields we fought and bled and died.

No one will ever weep for the sacrifices we made.

No one will ever know that we were more than tin men with empty hearts.

No one will ever sit with me and say, “Remember when… ?”

But because I am a soldier, and I have a duty that transcends such pain, I keep moving.

Into the darkness. Alone. For you.

Remember us.

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    A draft of no particular purpose. I liked the concept, but could not/can not flesh it out enough to make it a proper submission.