Airships: Getting Ready [Draft]

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Elletra noticed with a start that Hawkeye was no longer carrying his beloved cavalry saber and Martese revolver. Instead, he was sporting a far more dangerous-looking weapon, a proper sword that must have been four feet long hanging from a large belt with a fleur-de-lis buckle. A heavier, pearl-handled revolver hung on his right hip in the classic style, a set of large bullets lined up beneath it.

She suppressed an urge to shudder. If the Hawkeye had been dressed for a fight before, now he was ready for a war. With a start, she realised the sword also carried a fleur-de-lis motif and his coat of arms on the crossguard, and looked up into his gaze.

“No other way, Elletra. You need fire to fight fire.”

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    A deleted scene from Airships. Later partially used:

    I wanted to explore the transformation of Hawkeye’s character and the toxicity of his fight against his own nature. This is partially seen in later chapters of Airships, and will form a central theme to its conclusion.