A Metaphysical Dichotomy

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“Any messages?”

“Yes. Ralph from Marketing called to say that the new One-Sheets are in, God descended from the Heavens in all his splendor and toured the building, and Richard Glassblower called to ask if he could push your meeting back from 2:30 to 3.”

“Hang on, what?”

“Well, Mr. Glassblower said he had another appointment, so…”

“Wait, no, hold on. God came into the building.”


“The creator of all things?”

“I believe so, yes.”

“Long beard, white robe, sandals…”

“He did say you weren’t expecting Him.”

“Well of course I’m not expecting him. He’s not real!”

“That’s what He said, yes.”


“Yes. He said He wasn’t real and that He was just something our psyches had conceived to help us quantify the larger question of Life, The Universe and Everything, to make life simpler.”

“He said that, did he?”

“Well He went into the metaphysics of the thing, but most of that went over my head.”

“I’m… just going to go have a lie down in my office.”

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  1. Avatar Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars

    Very funny, although I think the punchline to that joke is “Look busy”.

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