Protection is a Good Idea

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“But I love you.”

“I love you too,” Amanda said, “but that’s not enough reason for me.”

“Well, then, what is?”

“Dating means that you’ve given someone the permission to break your heart. That’s one thing. But if you break my heart and -.”

“It’s just sex, Mandy.”

“Tell you what,” she grabbed her purse and found the cell phone inside. “You can talk to my father and if he says it’s OK -.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Well, then drive me home.”

“Oh, I’ll give you a ride.” He pushed her roughly back into the seat and started tearing open her jeans.

She reached back into the purse, swapping the cell phone for a can of Mace.

“I think you should stop now,” she said quietly.

“You wouldn’t really hurt me,” he scoffed. “You said you loved me.”

“Yeah, you said the same thing.” She held the Mace firmly.

“Bitch!” He crawled off of her and into the front seat. “We are so breaking up.”

I did give him permission to do that, she thought. But I will not let him see me cry.

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  1. Avatar Michelangelo Markus

    Wow. Perfectly written. Well done.

  2. Avatar Sneaky"LoA"Cleazy

    Burning Eye Sensation.

  3. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    Wow, nice sequel! I didn’t imagine the guy as a rapeish-sort, but still… Mace… Ouch…

  4. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    Oreos – Really? In your story, the guy’s complete lack of interest in her wishes immediately made me think he didn’t understand the word “No.”

  5. Avatar Raegan Dauterive

    Wow, powerful ending.

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