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The shambling line halted abruptly for a few minutes. It had done this several times already, but now the inhabitants of the line began to become impatient and bitter. Screeches and snarls could be heard, and short bursts of flames flared up. A loud crack resounded through the stone corridors as several patrol guards assigned to keep the line complaisant armed their tasersticks and aimed them menacingly at the line of dragons. It was a warning, one that wouldn’t be taken lightly, nor acted upon with any semblance of mercy.

A sign above the pen marker lit up indicating that pen A43 was now full. The forward guards would now have the unenviable task of forcing the line of resentful dragons back and through the adjoining corridor towards pen A44. More cracks sounds echoed off the stone as more tasersticks were activated. It was going to be a long and difficult night. No one would be afforded any rest. Especially the dragons.

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