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I’m just a guy that likes to write. Mainly science fiction and a little light fantasy. I also like to play video games and spend time with my awesome family.


  1. The Nerd

    Steve stopped abruptly in the middle of the sidewalk, a splitting headache tearing his focus away from a pleasant conversation with his girlfriend, Gloria. He could feel it. A pulling force, aching with need, nagging at his skull. Three simple letters ...

  2. The Nerd Wrangler

    The man definitely fit the profile. He was tall and lanky, his pasty white skin coated with a sickening sheen of uncleanliness. Hair unkempt, glasses slightly askew, buttoned-down shirt partially untucked. He looked the part, there was no doubt. Jeremi...

  3. From Liz to Ingrid (Mature)

  4. The Doctor ..... of Love?

    Esther sat quietly in the waiting room, holding her husband’s hand. Every now and again she would pat it gently, a small token of reassurance. At this point, it was all she could provide. And though she knew it did little for John, she felt the n...

  5. Fifty

    Jake gripped his stomach tightly again as a fresh wave of pain rushed through his abdomen. He allowed himself another cautioned glance down to see the extent of the damage the explosion had caused. From his gut down past his legs he was coated in his t...

  6. Fatherly Love

    “ENOUGH!” the order erupted through the air. Dao’s blade hung still in the air. Kae’s nerves burst and he collapsed to the grassy ground. Their father, Lao Haising, stood at the crest of the hill watching his sons at their pract...

  7. Shattered Angels

    Glennen shuffled solemnly away from the throne room. The sun which had been so bright at mid-morning had now folded itself away behind clouds. It draped Glennen’s mood in a heavy blanket of sorrow. Sorrow for the doomed angels; both the princess,...

  8. Elizabeth Jones in 25 Years

    My Life in 25 Years by Liz Jones Are you kidding? I’ll be dead well before then. Seriously.

  9. Of Dust and Gears

    Glennen knelt wearily over his demolished creation. There was nothing recognizable remaining of the perfect, beautiful angel he had crafted. Even its gossamer silk wings had shredded to nothingness. “Next time, I expect better work,” the pr...

  10. No Regrets

    It took all of Ginger’s strength to pull the blanket over Opal’s face. She had really only lived a few days longer than she had originally intended. Neither of them had known about the devastating disease that had been residing within Mrs. ...

  11. The Princess

    Glennen’s footsteps echoed, clattering rhythmically about the cavernous throne room. He walked towards the throne, holding the delicate angel cupped within both hands. He had never been a coordinated individual, even in his youth. And so he exerc...

  12. Explosions

    The first bomb never announced itself. The second bomb didn’t need to.

  13. Paul and Flint

    Paul lifted a dusty hand to block the midday sun as he scanned the nearby hillside. He had been kept waiting far too long. Flint should have been able to make it past the Oklahoma border by now. No doubt he had gotten himself into trouble. If FlintR...

  14. A Quiet Start to a Quiet War

    Another young man walked into the cafe. This one was clean-cut, dressed in a crisp suit, looking for all the world like an entrepreneur or a Wall Street stock broker. It was his eyes that gave it all away. They were a shimmering blue that seemed to str...

  15. Destroying the World over Coffee

    “Just what are you suggesting?” “You know very well what I am suggesting.” “I want to hear you say it. So you can hear for yourself just how ridiculous you sound.” To any casual observer, this was nothing more than t...

  16. Escape!

    The ring hung in the air for what seemed like minutes, spinning in an arc just over the cat burglar’s head. She watched it float and rotate and shifted her weight to be able to make a leap of faith. The timing had to be perfect. A crash echoed fr...

  17. Desk #3: Elizabeth Jones (Liz) (Mature)

  18. A Clockwork Angel

    Glennen gave the screwdriver one final twist and felt a wave of satisfaction and relief wash over him. Seventeen long, arduous years of effort and toil. And here it was. He set his tools down and admired his masterpiece. It wasn’t without its fla...

  19. Outsmarting the Competition

    Before Niall could even open his mouth, someone else opened his door. Abruptly, and with little regard for manners or courtesy, a small, round bon-bon of a man burst through the entrance, his breath nothing more than ragged gasps for air. His frame was...

  20. Battle of the Sexes

    “You’ve returned?” Gerard asked without turning around. “I was curious what you were looking for,” the cat burglar said. “You said something about ‘richer game’. I thought it might be worth investigating....

  21. A Gentleman's Game

    “Now that is a woman,” Gerard commented under his breath as he stepped into the Egyptian artifacts room of the museum. The klaxon of the security alarms was only a slight irritation as his gaze swept the open space, searching for his prize....

  22. Gaining Entry

    She was nothing more than a shadow on the museum walls. She was a quick-moving creature built of air and mist, darting in and out amongst the assorted artifacts and ancient accoutrements, slinking her svelte form around the assembled heirlooms of antiq...

  23. The Emerald Cat Burglar

    She was perspiring. Heavily. Great slick beads of sweat that slid down the subtle curves of her face and neck. This wasn’t like her at all. It was distracting. Unprofessional. But she didn’t have the luxury of time to worry about it at the ...

  24. Inspiration Doesn't Come Easily

    Dan tossed another crumpled sheet of note paper into the wastebasket. “This is getting us nowhere,” he said, exasperation in his voice. “None of these ideas are any good.” Ginger sat on a small pad of Post-It notes, her chin res...

  25. Ginger Goes to Hollywood

    “Okay, here’s the idea.” It was obvious to Dan that Robinson was planning once again to attempt to pitch him a lame concept. That’s all Robinson ever had. But Dan always appreciated his enthusiasm, and so he let him get it out o...

  26. Grandpa Tells Billy about the L.O.E.M.A.T.T.L.O.A.

    “Grandpa?” the young boy said hopefully. “Can you tell me the story?” “Which story, Billy?” the wizened old man said kindly. “You know the one,” Billy replied. “The one about the founding of the Lea...

  27. The March of the Dead

    It was midnight, and the moon was a pale disc in the clear night sky. From the edge of the forest a funeral procession appeared, led by an ashen-faced cleric of some long-forgotten order of faith. Iwata crouched behind a stump on the top of a nearby hi...

  28. Attention

    He cried out for attention, and was rebuffed. He was told that his voice wasn’t important, that he should just give it up. It wasn’t like he could ever hope to accomplish anything anyways. He cried out for attention, and was immediately and...

  29. A Sweet Confection Investigation

    “Dear Mr Cavendish,” Niall said, his words coated in the same sort of sugary sweet veneer as the confections for which he was so well renowned. “How nice of you to —” “Do not speak, you pernicious freak,” Caven...

  30. Unfixable Logan

    Logan heard the heavy breathing and the pounding of the metal grating and knew that someone was racing up behind him. He surmised easily that it would be Jean. “Wait, Logan!” the familiar voice called out. Logan turned. Jean stopped, and wh...

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