Brainstorm to Starboard

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“I don’t like how close they’re getting,” LW called warily from the stern.
Captain Jason only gritted his teeth, “No worries, crew. We’re picking up speed!”
“When do ya suppose they’ll be in range to start launching free disks at us?” Elsha asked nervously.
Face to the wind, Captain Jason cried out, “Never!

Up on the starboard bow, THX took Kevin aside, “Enthusiasm or no, the SS AOL is nothing to scoff at. You know their methods better than anyone, so how can we slow them down?”
“I’ve tried so hard…so hard to forget those days.” Kevin looked grim.
A tiny hand flung itself over the rail, followed by a small but valiant voice, “I have an idea.” With surprised looks, THX and Kevin hoisted the stowaway on board, a sturdy young lad, to be sure.
Feeling piratical, probably on account of his belt buckle, THX challenged, “Who be ye?”
“I’m The Note Writer,” he squeaked.
“So what’s this plan?” Kevin asked eagerly, though not piratically.
“We use the one thing big corporations can’t stomach: bad press!”

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  1. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Clever guy! Let’s see way further madness ensues…

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    yes! free discs as weapons! but how do cannons, bows, and flintlocks deliver bad press to AOL? hmm. perhaps we gird ourselves with something better..

  3. Avatar The Note Writer

    I don’t know if I wound think of that. I was thinking for of rocket boosters, but that is a pretty cool idea………

  4. Amj Lone Writer

    Now we’ve got a real adventure! Way to go THX. :D

  5. Avatar The Note Writer

    GAH. would, not wound.

  6. Avatar The Note Writer

    Ficly writes stories, so delivering bad press would be a peice of cake, as soon as we think of something bad.

  7. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    there is no such thing as bad publicity ;-)

  8. Avatar NightMaiden

    As always, I’m behind. XD I’ll have to backtrack and read, then plow forward – which I will have no trouble doing. :)

  9. Avatar NightMaiden

    I have caught up – and indeed, bad press can be debilitating. Anxious to see where this will lead. :)

  10. Avatar blusparrow (LoA)

    hahaha, bad press! nice Thx.

  11. Avatar wilw

    This is wonderfully clever, and it even works if the reader doesn’t have the same context a lot of us have.

  12. Avatar Trae

    Love it…

  13. Avatar Saint Chuck

    Brilliant as always. I’m also going to have to backtrack a bit, and with any luck, I’ll find a spot to add a word of my own.

  14. Avatar OrangeOreos (LoA)

    Haha, AOL’s getting enough bad press as is. And now with all of Ficly against them, they don’t stand a chance!

  15. Avatar .:Band Baby:.

    mwhahaha. we shall prevail! lmao

  16. Avatar The OCW


  17. Avatar Hurdler123

    yay for bad press!!!

  18. Avatar Valerie

    Love it!

  19. Avatar JMBauhaus

    “Feeling piratical, probably on account of his belt buckle,”

    Snerk! One great line among several.

  20. Avatar SupRspi

    Very clever indeed! I like how this manages to work, even though I haven’t read any prequels. I do recognize some great names in here from ficlets days though, to be sure!

  21. Avatar NinjaChicken

    This is brilliant and so insightful in terms of the long history (from what I have heard) that the developers have had with AOL.. Very clever indeed!

  22. Avatar Trench Affair

    Maybe we should use fat people for ammunition. FAIL.

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