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I forgot the laws of gravity,
and I learned how to fly.
I forgot the cycle of day and night,
and never ran out of time.

And I forgot about economy,
money appeared on sight.
I forgot about our morals,
what was wrong was now right.

I forgot that nations are at war,
and for once, I slept alright.
I forgot that there was life and death,
and my grandmother never died.

But I forgot that you had feelings too.
And I remembered how to cry.

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  1. Avatar Elisabeth L. Davis(LoA)

    Wow. Just.. wow, StudMuffin. Who knew you were so poetic?

  2. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    This is one of the best pieces of poetry that i have ever read. Keep in mind i wrote a published paper on Barn Burning by…. well you should know who wrote it. but this is perfect in its simplicity, it says what we never knew we forgot. This is the real thing. This is that poem. Whole forests of old growth trees would have to be laid to waste to give this story the proper amount of pencils.

  3. Avatar stargazer1960

    This is very well done. It makes good points without being preachy. Very good.

  4. Avatar mama murph (LoA)

    This is awsome. Very, very good! You deserve a muiltitude of pencils

  5. Avatar Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    That’s very touching, and very sad.

    Love it.

  6. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    I’m glad yalls like it

  7. Avatar Kendall Lynne

    Very very very amazing. It was so touching. I loved it.

  8. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    Very beautiful, dude.

  9. Avatar White Marvin

    i like it!

  10. Avatar wytherwings

    whoa. this is pretty much amazing.

  11. Avatar Mystique


  12. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hm i could never forget morals…
    its just me i guess, raised to be moral..
    its just a sort of ignorance is bliss ideal poem. I like it, it makes a great goal, stop worrying about the small stuff, but my core is fighting it; Fighting against the words.

  13. Amj Lone Writer

    Aww, Muffin. This is really great. Especially the last part.

  14. Avatar Raegan Dauterive


  15. Avatar Fyora Cartagan

    This makes me think of a lot of things…
    Really deep and heavy…

  16. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish

    congrats on featured!

  17. Avatar Blossom Ruoquen (LoA)

    The first time I read this, it seemed to me like a person who was determined to live in the moment – be free and unbound by hour to hour anxieties; But then I got to the end, and I had to read it again. The second time through, my brain interpreted it like a love story, and I realized ‘yeah! yeah, love does that to you too.’ nice depiction of thought process muffin :)

  18. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    “I forgot the laws of gravity,
    and I learned how to fly.”

    This…this is brilliant. sigh

  19. Avatar ProvokingThieves

    As an American, let me say, typical American. Anything that is important or makes us uncomfortable, we ignore in self-serving megalomania (redundant?) Just because we choose not to see something for our own comfort doesn’t mean that death and war do not continue, etc. But when it affects us directly, we want all the world to see OUR tears. Just my interp – and so I like it.

  20. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)


  21. Avatar Twyst

    A little sappy, but its good.

  22. Avatar Twyst


  23. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    Well, I’m sorry my poem makes you want to vomit.
    You know, I feel bad for all the people who read this and think all my ficlys are like deep poems about stuff,
    and then actually read some of it.
    and realise that I am a huge perv.

  24. Avatar Acantha

    This is the most brilliant thing I’ve read in a very long time! Congrats on being featured :D

  25. Avatar Twyst

    Don’t tear something down just because one person doesn’t absolutely love it (you got 4/5 from me and me saying “it’s good”, wtf do you want lol?), you should stand up for something you care about. And don’t claim it’s not based on anything, unless it is based on nothing, in which case it really doesn’t deserve praise. Because, you just dismissed your fans to pander do your critic, don’t compromise, and don’t pander. And keep up the good work :)

  26. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    that was an attempt at humour which very obviously failed.
    and that second comment dad nothing to do with what you said

  27. Avatar Twyst

    Rofl, sure sure. next story.

  28. Avatar intoxicatedsmiLes

    Simply. (:

  29. Avatar Ath

    Your first three stanzas were simple and showed the contrast between what we force ourselves to believe and what could easily be if we would let it. I don’t mean simple in a negative way either. When you can explore such depth with such simplicity, that’s talent.

    Then I read the last two lines and got choked up myself for a second. Absolutely wonderful.

  30. Avatar El Fe del Oro

    That was touching at the end. I liked it.