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Squee!!! ZZ Top was in town! I was very, very, very, very excited, ‘cuz they roxxor my soxxor in a boxxor! OK, so maybe not exactly every teenybopper in my generation would be so quick to squee, but I grew up on ZZ Top—well, them and Ozzy. Queer, maybe, or unique? Exactly, but don’t be quick to judge. I also got a lot of jazz, some baroque classical, zydeco, Wizard of Oz soundtrack…my parents were very music savvy. They wanted me to play the xylophone, but that didn’t set me a-quiver.

Pardon my loquacity. I get started quick and continue quicker. Anyway, I grabbed my very-used cell phone and called my clique and told them to quickly get tix.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    lol, squee, queer, baroque, clique, loquacity, wow I missed some good q’s.. lol
    savvy is also very good!
    too bad this posted like a zillion times!

  2. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    When I first tried posting it, I got the “wheels came off” page so I assumed it didn’t post.

    Even now, it’s still not linked back into the challenge.

  3. Avatar The Note Writer

    Wait, this is Alphabet soup? Good job! I think I should make an edit saying that from this point on, you get extra points for not using internet slang.

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