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When your head is tired there’s a heaviness
a lethargy like syrup slowing you up
and things that should be simple, or at least quick to do
are lost to you in their unknowableness.
The thing to do is sleep.

When your heart is tired there’s a syrup
unknown sleeping sweetly in you
a jar of molasses to which you’ve lost the spoon.
You cannot open it with the blunt edge of an umbrella -
the thing to do is weep.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Odd and vague but felt homey. Maybe it was the molasses. I don’t think I’ve even seen molasses since I moved away from the South.

  2. Avatar Kaleidoscope

    I love the vibe this piece gives off. Very exploratory af far as the feeling that’s occuring. Great Job!

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