My Evilness Is Unveiled

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If I ruled the world, spaghetti would be my loyal subject. It would bow down whenver I was near, and it loved me. Then the evil chicken nuggets came along. They killed my spaghetti. I was mad, and then the chicken nuggets became my royal subjects. However, I soon became hungry and ate them. Then, M&M’s stole my car. I was mad at them too. I had my friends eat them. But then, I had a friend over for tea. I was out of food— er, subjects! And suddenly a plate of cookies was sitting in front of me. My friend had brought them. I, being ever so queenly, squealed, “COOKIES!”. My friend, named Keily, grinned and chuckled.

Suddenly the cookies jumped up and started screaming. I yelled, Keily screamed, and my fork fainted. I called for Silence. At falteringly slow paces, they shut up. In a moment or two, they all swore to me. I was now QUEEN OF COOKIES. Keily became entertainment for my people. So that, my friend, is what would happen if I RULED THE WORLD! But only, of course, the food, was my most loyal subject.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    It’s sort of like what would happen if you asked an extremely psychotic patient to write a story…you know, if they were really, really hungry, like if we put them on Zyprexa and made them skip breakfast.

  2. Avatar Saint Chuck

    Now that you say it THX, that fits quite well.

  3. Avatar ernmander

    I loved it totally bonkers and wonderful :)

  4. Avatar Kellyoko

    Okay then Racing… kinda strange. :p

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