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Becky looked down on the one she hoped to be her lover, a sad expression on her face. “I’ll get you out of there Evan, I promise.” Evan rolled over and groaned, reaching up to her from the floor of the cage. She reached down to him, grasping his hand… Only to have him pull her into the cage, biting off her hand as she screamed with pain.

Far off, the groundskeeper grumbled as he walked towards the sounds of screaming, which soon cut off with a gurgle as the zombie bit out the girl’s throat. “I’ve told ‘em before, I’ll tell ’em again.” he muttered. “Zombies don’t make good lovers, no more’n the Vampires do. Stupid book…”

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    you made me think of rutting with undead. gee thanks

  2. Avatar Abstract

    This made me laugh!

  3. Avatar J. Rein B.

    I’m getting tired of my stupid grin.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Avatar Kater

    If this story makes bad vampire fiction stop, I will adore you forever.