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It’s hard when your dead, to feel alive. We will randomly choose a new wayward town and try to find a new way to make it all fresh again. It never does though, you always just end up doing what you did before: stalk, kill, eat.

This one town Hammond found, Charlesville I think, had the most beautiful family of four. We watched them for three weeks, stunned by their complete happiness. It’s not like I’d never been that happy, and Hammond was generally smiling, but for three weeks this family enjoyed the best last days of their lives. When we went inside, we both felt a reverence for them and quality of life. Their blood was the sweetest I’d tasted, but it wasn’t life.

We never spoke about that, or about when Hammond shut the door on me in Summerwood when he went into the nursery. It was just the way it was with us. Eternity be damned, the same communication problems happened dead or alive. Neither of us broke the barriers of our current friendship, if you could call it that. I’d call it death.

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  1. Avatar Twyst

    I broke the rules of the challenge /shrug.

  2. Avatar Krulltar

    Yes, you did. Then why did you enter it?

  3. Avatar Twyst

    Meh. Your rules are lame :)

  4. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    Why did you rate your own story and why did you give it 5 pencils? And really if the rules of a challenge are lame, you are the ultimate editor..DON’T ENTER!!!
    Instead of showing your obstinance by entering incorrectly with a midwestern vampire story followed by a criticism of the rules.
    Really what are you so bitter about? Did your girlfriend dump you, kids made fun of you at school, do you have a funny voice. What makes you so insecure, that you come on here and lash out at us day after day. I am sorry for whoever didnt love you enough, but maybe i see why.

  5. Avatar Twyst

    So… I lose the contest? Who cares? Just here writing stuff, I was going to follow the rules but my story took me another direction… so, chill out maybe?

    The 5/5 was a 1/5 as I refreshed the page with 1 pencil accidentally selected, unfortunately there’s no “clear pencils” option, so, I liked the story and figured 5/5, why not?

    Young… you keep trying to pick a fight for some reason. You reeeeally don’t get my sarcasm/humor, which for a writer, is kinda sad. You take all this Ficly stuff pretty personal, which I’m sorry for I guess. But it’s pretty childish to get personal on an anonymous forum, take notice I don’t get personal even when someone insinuates all sorts of things.

    Write more, bitch less :)

  6. Avatar Match

    Twyst – you can write any stories you like on here, you don’t have to enter challenges that don’t match your story, any more than you have to write stories that meet challenges.

    I appreciate that sometimes a story starts off in an unexpected direction, and sometimes it makes sense to bend the rules a little, but when a challenge is one about structure, its pretty hard to justify ignoring the rules, unless you’re just doing it to grab attention and get your story read (which I stopped doing at the second multi-syllable word).

    No pencils – because I’m not reading this story…

  7. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Gave a pencil for a neat story idea.

    Docked a pencil for failing at challenge.

    Gave a pencil some deep thinking in the story.

    Docked a pencil for the general contempt/attitude.

    Gave a pencil cause I’m a sucker for someone being a little subversive.

    Ain’t I a study in contradictions? You go on and do your thing, cause you seem okay with the types of reactions you have gotten and are bound to continue to get.

  8. Avatar uselessness

    It’s a good story. I’m just confused why you entered it in this challenge, when it would be perfectly at home somewhere else on the site. It’s obvious you weren’t really trying to keep your words monosyllabic, so… what’s the point?

  9. Avatar Twyst

    honestly didn’t even see the one syllable requirement until after. really didn’t think it was that big a deal… guess it is!