That's something not of this Earth

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An explosion, far in the distance.

The military was already there, staking out campsites 7 miles away. No one wanted any closer. They preferred their binoculars, their robots, their satellites.

30 minutes go by. The soldiers creep closer, praying amongst themselves. They don’t want this to be the death of them, they want to go home. But orders are orders. The circle of armed forces tightens.

The craft is sleek, jet-black with chrome highlights. It is teardrop-shaped, except for strange items hanging from the sides, seeming to defy gravity. They float, as if not bound by simple rules of physics.

A daring move is made. It is five hours later. No radios, no waves of any kind are coming out. The army is moving in.

When they get within 100 yards, the bottom of the craft pops off, falling into the sand and shooting straight down, creating cracks in the ground.

One soldier nervously remarks to another, “What is that thing?”

The older man looks directly at the craft.

“That’s something not of this Earth.”

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  1. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    I like the descriptions and the build-up. The end is somewhat of an anti-climax for me, though.

  2. Avatar Sam Ervin

    Well, true, the story doesn’t really go anywhere, but I think the ending is appropriate. It leaves a bit of room for a sequel, and we don’t have nearly enough of those on Ficly.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Avatar Krulltar

    Well written, but I don’t think it created the level of tension and anxiety you were going for.

  4. Avatar Jesse Blake

    I don’t know if you intentionally did this, but I like how paragraphs gets shorter and shorter- it’s a cool style.

  5. Avatar QuackDamnYou

    Love it, what’s the song?

  6. Avatar Sam Ervin

    Sorry for the delay… if anyone’s curious, the song is “Not Of This Earth,” by Prong, from the album Cleansing.

  7. Avatar Mackizme

    I like the tone of this story. It’s hard to describe…. apocolyptic maybe. Like something big is about to happen, but not yet. Nice.

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