Stranger in a Strange, Strange Land

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Valentine Michael Smith was born a Human, raised as a Martian, and had now spent 8 years on Earth. Michael had learned much from Jubal Harshaw and his family, perhaps as much as they had learned from him. Michael’s religion, of which the primary tenet is “we are all God”, was now the 5th most popular on the planet, and shrinking. Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity were still dominant but they too were shrinking, and for the same reason that Michael’s religion was on the fall. When he first arrived on Earth, the infestation was small and isolated. It had spread and grown virulently in his brief stay.

It was estimated that over 40% of humans were now Zombies. Michael had met many. Despite the lack of clear communication he could tell that an intelligence still burned within their minds. They are humans, they are God. But Michael could not comprehend the unnamed religion that unified the Zombie minds, and he needed to fulfill his mission to unite Humanity. He left the hotel to meet the ravenous crowd outside.

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  1. Avatar RockPaperScissors

    Nicely done. A little dull compared to other entries. Still, you did a fine job. Kind of scary to think about, though, you know? Yikes, 40%?

  2. Avatar DoItForScience

    Yeah, it’s certainly a bit dull compared to other challenge entries, and I leaned heavily on the hope that the reader is familiar with Heinlein’s original story. This was meant to evoke Michael’s death scene. I spent all of about 60 seconds thinking how Mike would respond to Zombies, then trying to figure out what part of the original story I could place my ficly in to get Mike’s message across. And then I remembered just how little I remember of the story, so this was the scene I chose.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Not familiar at all the with the story, but this made for a neat read. Definitely a different sort of take on the zombie thing with the religious angle. Makes me wonder how a devout Buddhist would see destroying a zombie. Hmm, interesting.

  4. Avatar Ridcully Calvert

    I really liked it. The idea of a religion unifiyng humans and zombies as all being god is awesome!

  5. Avatar Raymond Finn

    I remember the original story very well, so I completely grok Michaels’ fate in this.