A Piece of Ficly Love

In spirit of the current blog, courtesy of our own, brilliant Elsha, this is a challenge all about the Ficly community here.

Weirdly enough, around this time last year the site was overtaken by a rather nasty character and, with the love and talent that so highlights this amazing site, we managed to fight back.

So now it seems a similar uprising is required. Let’s get together and admire the one thing that has brought us together: ficly.

Write about the friends you’ve made here (and if you haven’t many, write anyway and you may get some), write about the comments, the support, the way the site has saved you. It’s a great resource! Let’s show some appreciation.

And I’m feeling generous so: no character limit other than the obvious and it can be written in any format you choose. Imagination, as always, gets extra points.

Happy New Year, brave ficleteers – let’s make 2012 a good one =)

Lots of love to everyone
Abby x

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