Time travel application

Imagine there are very few time machines in the world. Perhaps only one, and no more than a handful. The owner might be a government, eccentric trillionaire, research institution, but in any case someone with big resources.

To use the machine, you have to write an application, just as in the real world you have to apply to use large telescopes, etc (but in 1024 characters, which is an astronomer’s fantasy). In the application you have to persuade the owner that you need to borrow the time machine and are going to do something worthwhile with it. What that means, exactly, is up to you.

Your challenge is to write the application. Or, if you prefer, the scene where the application is being written. Remember, your character will want to be persuasive.

You don’t have to mention this, but obviously the owner would have some way to prevent the machine from being stolen, e.g. perhaps it is programmed to return to base after a certain period. So you might want to say how long you need it for.

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  • Dear John

    Author: ipe

    Published July 9th, 2013

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