Cyberpunk's Not Dead

Console cowboys. Holograms. Street samurai. Armored battlesuits. All-powerful corporate conglomerates. High-tech drugs. Flesh shops. Jacking into cyberspace to escape the frail confines of “the meat.”

Although it’s often thought of as a brief science fiction movement of the 80’s, cyberpunk is perhaps more exciting now than ever, as technology catches up with and sometimes surpasses the gritty, neon-lit worlds of the genre. It’s now the 21st century: prove that the future is still alive and well. Keep in mind the old cyberpunk motto of “high tech and low life,” and remember to have fun.

This is your challenge: create a cyberpunk story. Content is completely up to you, so long as the story is representative of the genre.

Only single ficlies will be considered. You can write sequels and prequels if you like, but they will be judged individually, and only stories entered directly into the contest will be judged.

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