Cyberpunk Still Ain't Dead

I loved Bluefish’s Challenge. It opened so many writers up to the genre of cyberpunk. There are so many awesome cyberpunk stories, created for the adhd tech savvy substance abuse riddled youth of today. The genre really indicts mankind’s ability to make anything sinful. I love it.

Write a cyberpunk story in one ficlet.

Be awesome.

Stay true to the genre.

If you plan on winning make sure you read and comment on every other story in the challenge. Entries who only wrote one and didn’t read anyone else’s will not even be considered, in the words of Harry Tuttle renegade air conditioner repairman, “We’re all in this together.”

For an example of AWESOME cyberpunk, read the short story Burning Chrome by William Gibson. If you don’t have access contact me and i will be glad to send you the ebook through your email free of charge, its that good.
This challenge will be judged By Chakatreatmentsinthehouse (Loa) fools on the seventh of september.

Challenge Winner

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