"Good Morning Class!"

…“Good Morning Mrs. Bishop!”

“Okay today we are going to be doing a writing assignment. You must write a paper about where you see yourself in 25 years. After College. What do you see yourself doing as a career? Will you have a family? I will give you the rest of the class period to get started, and these will be due in 3 days. That is the 18th. Any paper that is late will lose an entire letter grade.”

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So you have ‘til the 18th. This is a ’getting into character’ challenge. You are now writing as if you were the character writing about yourself. This is very difficult. You cannot think like you. The winner will be chosen on the 18th to write a special piece. This time the story is from the perspective of the student in 25 years. This means we get to see exactly what he/she is like when they grow up. How perspectives have changed.

And please title your story with your character’s name.

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