Sleeptalking Man

Okay, this is bound to end somewhere entirely inappropriate, but I can’t resist. My brother showed me this hilarious blog. It’s all stuff this mild-mannered British guy says in his sleep. We all howled reading them around the table, doing some extemporaneous sanitizing as our grandmother was there.

Your challenge is to first go to and enjoy. Really, just enjoy the heck out of his random comments. Look for the one about the banana.

Then, and here’s where we could run into trouble, write a ficly that involves one or more of his random comments. There are some real gems that could go beautifully into a story, so take your time. Find a good one. Weave it in beautifully.

Bonus points for grammar correctness and getting the quotes in without it feeling awkward or forced. Also bonus points if you can get a decent story around the quote.

Challenge Winner

Challenge Entries