Dissect a Song

I am constantly amazed at how my friends “love a song”, but can’t even comprehend the lyrics. To me, the lyrics are the most important part of a song (besides the dance, heheh.). Yes, the melody does give the piece a sort of mood, but melodies are very interchangeable. All the time I hear remixes of songs, where the melody has been altered but it’s still the same old words.

Enough of my incessant rambling though. Your mission is to take any song you choose, then tell its anatomy. The target is to not just to spell out the lyrics, but to put your own thoughts of them into your writing. Heck, write a story about it. If you don’t understand that, sorry. I am very unclear sometimes. Just do your best, it’s not like I have a grading scale or anything…

So anyway, take your song, basically dissect it, tell your feelings on it, maybe how you relate to it. But DON’T TALK ABOUT THE TUNE. If the lyrics are good enough, they will make their own music.

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