Suicide Challenge

You have a month to complete this challenge.

Write a story; a STORY (not a poem) about suicide.

The rules?

First person preferred.
Half-length ficly at least.
Get as gory as you please.
You MAY enter an already existing story into this challenge.
No poems, although poem-like stories ate accepted.
Mark mature stories mature. (This challenge is marked mature itself. ’cuz I felt like it.)

Simple enough.

Write about a person who wants to do it, but is scared to.
Write about a person who does do it.
Write about the people left behind.

Just write something about suicide.

It can be angry, sad, horrified, whatever you want it to be. Hell, it could even be happy.

You have a month to interpret suicide as you will.
You have a month to complete the interpretation and post it to this challenge.

Good luck.

Challenge Entries