“Please dont do this, John,” Charrel pleads.
“I’m sorry, my mind is made up. There is no turning back now,” John says. The gun is still pointing at Charrel, but he cant put it down. Not after all thats happen. He has to finish what he came here to do.

“John, we can get you help, we can tell them you have a medical problem—”

“I dont have a medical problem, Charrel. I’m fine, I’m not doing this because I’m crazy. I’m actually perfectly sane,” he says calmly. Charrel doesnt have anywhere to run, John has her pinned. He has her where he’s always wanted, “how does it feel, Charrel? To finally feel like there’s nowhere left to go. I know what you’re thinking. You just want me to pull the trigger. and get it over with.” That wasnt what Charrel had been thinking, but now it seems like thats the only thing left to do. He can shoot her and get it over with.

Thats when she thought it of it. A perfect way to escape. To be free from this horror.

But it was a risk.

Was she willing to take it?

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