SHIP LOG #000237—D:02/08/2085—TIME:-22:05pm(EST)

“Hello, computer. It’s me, again. Well, obviously. Who else is there around here? Unless Kevin Bacon got invisible and sneaked onto the ship, but I think that’s unlikely, don’t you?”


“Well, everything is still going well. The food supply is still plentiful – good thing I’m not a fat bastard, isn’t it? – and the oxygen levels are staying leveled out, so I’m still breathing! Um…the signal is still prevalent. It’s still beeping away on my console with that 4-beat rythm beeping. It’s getting a bit annoying, but…it’s a small price to pay for what we’re doing for this mission, isn’t it? So there we go…”


“Nothing much to report on, I suppose. Everything is ship-shape, tip-top, fucking-A and all that, so no problems to report. Uuumm…well, I suppose I just needed to talk to something. Cos, frankly, it’s boring as all hell up here. Just sooooo boring…
“Well, that’s it, I guess. Althought I have been having weird dreams—”


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