Day 18: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

January 18th

“You what?” Robin said.

“We kissed,” I sighed.

“How sweet,” Laura said.

“What? No, not sweet, you’ve known him a week and now you two are shoving your tongues down each others throats?” Robin said disgusted.

“He’s gorgeous, tall, and has beautiful blue eyes. What more is there to know?” Laura said.

“Laura, shut up.” Robin growled.

“Well Juliet only knew Romeo for like three days before they decided to get married.” I retorted.

“Look how well that turned out.” Robin answered.

He had me there.

“Our families aren’t in a feud and what not. I doubt our kiss is going to lead to something like that.”

“I think Robin is j-a-e-lous.” Laura interjected.

“Why don’t you learn to spell you idio—” Robin started to yell at her.

“Okay let’s just change the subject, guess who wants me to give you their number?” I quickly said.


“Lacy,” I said sliding it towards him.

“Since when did you and Lacy talk?”

“What does that matter, she’s interested.” I shrugged.

“Maybe I am too.” He replied.

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