Rise of the Zombie Cats

Bloody paw prints just inside the door. My God, the zombies have made it into my house. I left my wife alone this morning to venture out for food. Picking up a bat for protection, I slowly open the bedroom door. Our two cats are neck-deep inside my wife’s face, eating. My cats, zombies? I know I have to kill them. I lure them out with one of my wife’s many feeding songs. Just as the first reaches the door, I smash his furry little head in with the bat. The bat breaks, but he is exterminated. As the second cat arrives, I slam the door and I can hear his little neck snap as he falls, but I furiously keep slamming and slamming the door until his head has been severed and it rolls between my legs. Sitting down I begin to sob. My poor wife, killed by her beloved pets. Just then I hear rustling in the walls…..

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