From Ingrid to Randy

I think you are like my cousin in Russia. I little remember him. Before the sick come and take my Moma and Poppa, I was very small. Chekav come to play with me. We run after chickens and swim in big water. I was not upset at swim with boy because I was girl and did not know. It was fun.

I trust you face. You look like Chekav. I would talk to Chekav, tell him everything.
Chekav die before I can tell my big secret. He die in army. I miss him much.

I love Chekav. I dream that I kiss him. I see him in night and he hold me again. No one is my Chekav in America. He love me too.

Some nights I want to die to be with him. Some nights my heart hurt so much. I think Moma and Poppa know about Chekav and I love. They send him away and break my heart. I hate them some nights, happy they die. Chekav only love me! Moma and Poppa so angry.

Now there only me and secret. No one know in America, and no one know in Russia.

Ingrid tucks note in very back of her textbook, loosely, undelivered

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