School is boring. Well actually school is not to bad. You know what is? Getting up at 7 AM and getting ready in 15 minutes. You no (feel free to correct that) what else sucks? Homework. What else? Drama. Yeah drama is stupid. It’s all a bunch of fake teens trying to be cool. Why am I writing this? Because people told me to write my own story instead of making stupid replies to other people’s stories which make absolutely no sense and for some reason piss people off. In my opinion a lot of you people on here take life way too seriously. I mean come on, you actually correct my grammer? For all you who love to do that I will right a entire sentence for you wright here and you can try to find the mistakes.

my name is jaba. i love two play ball. my favorite tipe of game is probaly bacetball because its so fun and exiting.

Did you enjoy reading that? I am sure you did. Please comment all of you people who think that your writing is just so superior to mine. All you who are unaware that good writing is an opinion.

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