More Than Nothing

There was no floor beneath my feet, a feeling of nothingness enveloped me; no hot, no cold, not even the air that surrounded me. A dark vastness, nothing to see, nothing to feel, not a single sound to be heard. Yet before me I know it’s there. A door, with out a handle nor a light shining from beneath.

Reaching out I felt it, a cool smooth texture stretching to infinity, but so unfamiliar was this sensation to me. I have never felt before. The cold pierced my skin like needles, shooting strait to the bone, an electric shock to take me by surprise.

Nothing was left for me here. Nothing but nothingness, this door was a way out but how do I open a door with no handle, not a window, crack or key hole through which to peer. Just extensions of the nothingness in which I reside. But this door is different, it is there I can feel it with my hands, it’s not made of nothingness. I pressed my body to it letting the sensation of its being fill the recesses of my mind and I longed for the other side.

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