She leant against the wall, waiting for her friends. Her friends had just had gym class, they’d be a while. This was my chance if ever it should present itself.

Deep within, the fear kicks in. I can’t stop myself from thinking, No! She will reject you! This is suicide and will only lead to pain!

But then, I catch a glimpse of her wide emerald eyes, and a warmth I had never felt before rose from the depths of my heart. A smile graced my lips.

Harnessing this newfound passion, I sent a surge of willpower coursing down my leg to advance. Thigh comes up, shin goes down. Lean forwards and repeat. I began to step towards her, shaking slightly, as is befitting for the nervous misfit I was.

As I drew near to Liz, I felt as if I had transcended from my body. I could ony watch as my body shakily uttered the words “Umm… Hey, Liz.” To which she responded in kind. I followed up, “Do you… maybe wanna go see a film sometime?”

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