Defiance and Lack of Reason

“I lo…” He tried to force the words out but amidst the gale they were lost. To be honest, they were weak to begin with, his lungs struggling in their frailty against the already clawing effects of exposure.

Again he tried to call out, arms braced around his slight frame, “Woman! I lo…” A shudder overcame him, his waistcoat a poor defense against a storm that had forced all reasonable men to shelter. He was not reasonable, nor did he have any wish to be. Love was not reason, not in his mind, not in his heart.

She, glorious and pure, stood at her window clutching a heavy quilt about her. Pale skin glistened with droplets of rain blown in through the open window. A delicate smile graced her features and set the lad’s heart aflame despite the chill.

“I…” A racking cough stole his voice, but to no avail. Even if he could not say the words, she knew. His defiance against the very elements of nature told it all, left it eternal and immutable.

She knew he loved her, eternally and perfectly.

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