Fighting Fire With Fire

Dense smoke floated heavily on the sea air while cannons barked and cannon balls whistled through the air. The calm of the sea was disproportionate to the battle that raged in it.

Two ships faced off. One bore the flag of the East India Trading Company, the other- the Maratha Empire. Both were wounded, but not dead. Smoke from deck fires trailed up and over splintered railings and hung in the sky as giant markers.

“Captain, those curry-eating mussies are gaining on us!” The giant bearded man shouted to be heard above the cannon fire.

If Captain Luxons heard him, he didn’t make it known. He sat there, a look of intense concentration underscored by vacant eyes.

Amphritrite’s Bounty shuddered from another pair of impacts.

Finally Captain Luxons moved.

“Helmsmen, bring us six degrees starboard.”

The response was a rote ‘Aye aye, Captain’.

“What’s the plan?”

The Captain briefly outlined the steps he wanted taken.

“I don’t understand.”

He gave a ghost of a smile.

“We’re going to board them.”

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