Frankly my dear, we're out of ideas.

“Frankly, we’re out of ideas, Cinema’s in a rut, we need something new, so we’re going to back to the golden age and see what we can copy.”

“Historical Drama? Gone with the Wind was huge!”

“No, that’s all moved to TV.”

“Cast of thousands? That Moses film was big.”

“Religion doesn’t sell, and you can’t sell a cast of thousands with CGI.”

“How about 2001? we’ll do the whole book tie in like Kubrick.”

“Avatar sucked all the oxygen out of sci-fi, but lets have a look, see if we can’t spot anything we missed.”

“Hmmm… there’s a thing no-one’s done for a while.”

“A crazy computer?”


“What then?”

“The 20 minute intermission. No-one’s seen one in years! A dark screen with catchy music, classical won’t sell to the youth demo though, what’s at the top of the charts?”

“John Cage’s 4’33”, it’s selling loads of copies."

“Great, lets get that. Buy the rights, pay someone to pad it out to an hour and a half, put it over a dark screen and we’ll fill the theatres. Real bleeding edge stuff. Get to it!”

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