The Coyote

In the window stood a figure, tall, dark and focused. His hands were clenched in tight fists by his side, an angry snarl on his protruding snout. He stared out at the large expanse of desert and wasteland below him but concentrated on the sight of his mortal enemy coming up the road. Oh, how he loathed him. The way he was always showing off his speed, going to and fro with no real destination in mind, just because he could.
He abruptly turned from the window as his blood began to boil and little tufts of steam escaped from his large ears.
‘He must be stopped!’ he thought to himself. ‘But how?’
He marched to the ancient computer sitting on his simple desk and waited for the Internet to come up.
As the screen roared to life he went to the one website that would have the impressive gadget that would make him faster, stronger, more powerful. The ingenious invention that would finally put an end to his foe, forever.
He stared as the bright blue letters filled the screen and a smile spread on his lips.


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