The Great Glass Elevator was donated to the house, mysteriously crashing into the west garden one evening. Three panels were still intact. The lawn gnomes have been painstakingly attempting to piece together the others, being professionals at ceramic, glass, and polyurethane repair.

We at the house are excited to have a working elevator, since the stairwell is impossible and the rooms like to change locations. The threats and warnings by the goblins of the stairs have become rather harsh, though. They are foretelling our doom if we zip up to the top too quickly.

The house itself seems to be preparing for the addition. Occasionally when a doorway is opened, nothing exists beyond it but a cavern of inky blackness. It makes the residents nervous to see the house like this, buzzing with excitement and creaking with worry, lurching, stretching, and then settling. There is a continuous seance on the 7th floor to keep spirits and demons out of closets and cupboards.

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