Good Question

Becky hiccuped. Another shot was definitely a bad idea.

The cute guy who had finally come in, what was his name? Matt? Mike?- looked at her, shot glass in hand. “Cheers!”

The tequila slammed into the back of her throat and burned on the way down. She gagged a little and fumbled for her slice of lime.

“High-five, darling!”

Their hands met in the air; a limp tangle of fingers. Becky giggled despite herself. It felt so nice to have someone call her darling. Ever since Bruce had left she’d felt so- no! She wasn’t going to think about that. Tonight was Fun Night.

The bartender, a heavy-set blond in ugly pigtails, leaned close to them. “I think you guys are done. You got a place to go?”

Mark? No it was Matt, it had to be Matt- flashed a gorgeous smile. “We’ll sober up outside.” He set down three bills to settle the tab and waved away the change.

When they stumbled outside, he looked her up and down. “You are the perfect size.”

At first, Becky felt a warm glow flow through her.

Perfect size for what?

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