"Sanity is back-ordered. Sarcasm is in unlimited supply"

Iren was so utterly lost.
“Could you find some Sanity? Mother’s been seeing demons in the cupboard again. I’m going to go look for some Lust, kay?” Her sister Mai had screamed over the buzz of the crowd before being consumed by the mass.

But now Iren was lost, standing in an unfamiliar and surprisingly empty part of the market. The silence made her ears hum.
“Free sample?” a voice said behind her.
Iren whirled around and found herself staring at a young woman, 20 at most. She held out a small tray.
“Sarcasm?” she offered, taking one of the Patches off the tray and handing it to Iren. Iren absentmindedly ripped off the packaging and slapped it onto a free part of her body, her palm.
“Do you have any Sanity?” Iren asked. She sighed as the fresh flow of Emotion reach her brain.
The woman shook her head.
“Of course,” Iren said, rolling her eyes.
She fished around her pockets for another Patch and didn’t even bother reading the label before squeezing onto any small patch of free skin, and then left.

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