It needs to be bigger.

We have characters from every country, background and personality, filmed on site all around the world.

But it’s still not enough. The scope needs to be wider. It needs to be bigger.

The confines of scriptwriting are the only shackles that bind me now. Therefore, I must think beyond them.

This movie must transcend the medium of film, becoming interactive. The viewer must be able to travel anywhere within the story, interact with any of the characters, and affect the plotlines. The viewer must become part of the movie itself.

It needs to be bigger.

We’ll need as many characters as there are people alive today on the planet, we’ll need a film set the size of the earth itself. We’ll need perfect realism and immersion, where the viewer can see, smell, taste, and touch every part of the world.


The story itself must be as infinite and unending as time itself, as old characters die, new characters rise to continue the story.

It needs…


Someone else already made one.

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