Never, never put all of your eggs...

The Dyson Sphere was crumpling.

The Sphere, as large as Earth’s orbit, enclosed the Sun, and was built from the raw materials of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the Asteroids, the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, plus Eris and Pluto, and several thousand other members of the Kuiper Belt. The Sphere took ten thousand years to complete, with Earth the last to be dismembered as the Sphere’s construction closed in about it.

All of humanity lived inside the sphere – a perfect 100% efficient solar energy collector.

The ‘spheroid oscillation’ better known as ‘The Wobble’ started ten years ago. All of the Sphere’s scientists had since been engaged in trying to stop it.

They failed.

The crumple sheared. The Asian quadrant raggedly twisted and with titanic ponderousness slammed its 34 trillion souls into the upper half of the Americas Quadrant.

Within a month the entire sphere, and all 120 trillion descendents of the population of the planet Earth had spiraled into the waiting Sun.

The star burped.

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