“Where have you taken him?” She demanded furiously, the expression almost laughable on her petite face.

“Not where we’re taking you.” The man sneered at her, the scar just by his mouth twisting.

“Let go of me!” She screamed, “Leave me alone! He’s more powerful than you, he’ll escape again!”

The man just laughed at her. “With the drugs we’ve given him, he’ll be lucky to even know who you are.”

“No,” She started to tremble, tears leaking from her eyes. “He’ll remember.

“Sure he will,” He replied sarcastically, dragging her out into the alley. She kicked and struggled but he was too big for her. He threw her in the back of the van with the others. “Take care of her boys.”

The men in the back of the van grabbed her roughly and duct taped her hands, feet and mouth.

“Gently,” One of the others said. “She’s just a girl.”

“Shaddup, David!” Another yelled. “You were always a softie. Just do your job and be quiet.”

The girl glowered at them from her position on the floor.

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