The Avenger and the purse-thief spiraled up the fire escape to the roof where they jumped gap after gap across the high-rises. Eventually the man dropped the purse and stopped to catch his breath, holding his hands up submissively.

“Stop! I give up! Take it!” He said.

The Avenger smirked and, as he leaned down to pick up the purse, the thief retrieved the pistol he had stashed in his belt loop. Before he could take aim, a metal baton struck his hand with such force that he let out a scream and the gun clattered to the rooftop.

A lithe boy in an outrageous outfit kicked the gun aside and walked around the thief, idly spinning a thin metal rod in his hand. “Howdy.”

“Glad you finally decided to show up Avenger Boy.” The Avenger said, holding the purse in his hand. “Tie him up while I return this.”

“Right.” Avenger Boy said. After the Avenger had disappeared down the fire escape he muttered, “Enjoy all the press you washed up old bastard…” and tied the thief up for the police to collect.

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