Anchored Between the Stars (Day 29)

The city vanished as simply as turning a page. Where a snow-torn London once stood, a deep blackness spread out infinitely, splashed with swirls of cosmic color.

Meredith continued looking out the window but her tail began to twitch back and forth.“Well, where has your tomfoolery taken us now?”

Rouston pressed gloved hands to the glass. He spread an arm out theatrically, his gesture encompassing the entire view. “Look at the grandeur, the beauty. How could you possibly be upset with such a view?”

“I’m a cat.” Meredith wrinkled her nose.

“I know, Meredith but-”

“I didn’t always used to be a cat.” She cocked her head up at him. Woman or cat, her blue eyes still penetrated like miners picks.

“Look! Behold the stuff of legends. Look up on the works of God and be impressed.”

She ignored him. “You see, one day I followed a handsome dolt into an alley and then before I knew it I’d been catted. Ugh. Do we have any more of that red salmon from tomorrow?”

“Yes, Meredith. There’s always more fish tomorrow.”

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